Hi.  Are you struggling through a difficult moment and need to de-escalate? That's what I made this page for.

To alleviate a panic attack or intense and overwhelming feelings, try the following:

  1. Place your feet on the floor. 
  2. Take a slow, deep breath in.
  3. Count to 3 before slowly breathing out.
  4. Focus your attention on your physical environment, such as all of the green objects in the room, the sound of white noise, or the feeling of your hands on your lap or chair.
  5. Continue taking slow, deep breaths for at least 10 minutes, and shut off your computer or phone to lessen mental distraction. 
  6. If the feeling persists, try running your hands under cold water, splashing your face with it, or holding an ice cube if you have access to one.

Suicidal thoughts and feelings: I encourage you to speak about your suicidal thoughts to the people you trust, or writing a letter. There is a suicide hotline where phone counselors offer 24/7 support: 800-273-8255. 

Feeling like you want to end your life is scary. Stay present and aware of your surroundings. Acknowledge the parts of your life that you do not want to be living (Loneliness? Shame? Hate your job?) - write them all down, make a plan to speak about it with someone. 

--> If you feel that you are an immediate danger to yourself, read this, call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room.