Approach to Psychotherapy

Being able to speak freely and explore what's on your mind in a confidential setting can be a very liberating experience, and can lead to a more fulfilling and independent life.

I work with people who are desperate to break repetitive patterns of living that result in feeling stuck in a familiar yet painful place. This work requires a commitment of time, patience, and curiosity with the unknown.

Therapy unravels the knots in your mind that create the conditions for suffering.

We will explore the unconscious thoughts, beliefs, fantasies, dreams, relationship patterns and social/cultural contexts that influence your everyday experience.

Among other things, you may find that the way you coped with problems in the past is no longer serving you now, and that a change is necessary. You can uncover what it means in your life to make such a change- in other words, what is at stake?

Issues I work with

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, excessive worrying, over-thinking, procrastination, creative blocks, lack of clarity with your career and professional direction, sadness, grief, existential pain, unspoken suffering, romantic and intimate problems for both individuals and couples, exploring gender and sexual identity, & cultural and class identity.